Knuckle Booms

  • Very good working envelop
  • Fully proportional and simultaneous movements
  • Outstanding RT capabilities
  • basket load capacity 250 kg
  • Safe loading / unloading at twilight thanks to Activ’ Lighting System (PRO model)
  • Haulotte Activ’ Shield Bar
  • Haulotte Activ’ Screen on board diagnostic tool
  • Haulotte Stop Emission System wich automatically turns off & on the engine
  • Easy access to all components
  • Modular basket quick and easy to repair

Diesel Rough Terrain Knuckle Boom

Diesel Rough Terrain Knuckle Boom Platform Height Working Height Platform Capacity Overall Width Stowed Height Weight Horizontal Outreach Platform Size Specs
34ft Knuckle Boom – HA120PX 10.4m 12.4m 230kg 1.9m 2.2m 5620kg 6.6m 0.8m x 1.5m [PDF Download]
46ft Knuckle Boom – HA16RTJ PRO 14.0m 16.0m 230kg 2.44m 2.3m 6650kg 8.3m 0.91m x 2.44m [PDF Download]
46ft Knuckle Boom – SJ46AJ 14.1m 16.1m 227kg 2.29m 2.07m 6400kg 7.54m 0.76 m x 1.83m [PDF Download]
51ft Knuckle Boom – SJ51AJ 15.55m 17.55m 227kg 2.29m 2.07m 7050kg 9.03m 0.76m x 1.83m [PDF Download]
60ft Knuckle Boom – HA20RTJ-Pro 18.6m 20.6m 230kg 2.42m 2.51m 9300kg 12.2m 0.91m x 2.44m [PDF Download]
80ft Knuckle Boom – HA26RTJ -Pro 24.4 m 26.4 m 250kg 2.44m 2.97m 15500kg 17.5m 0.91m x 2.44m [PDF Download]
135ft Knuckle Boom 41.15m 43.15m 272kg 2.46m 3.07m 20,336kg 21.26m 0.91m x 2.44m [PDF Download]